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U.S. Patent #8,180,661

Is Landport Right for You?

Landport is the right choice for anyone who:

Needs an easy-to-use solution to improve work order processing
Landport facilitates a simple, easy-to-use workflow suitable for virtually any facility, property or service.

Wants to significantly reduce labor costs while increasing efficiency and improving service
Landport eliminates cumbersome, manual methods of communication like voicemail, email, spreadsheets and hardcopy work orders.  Our system provides you with better control over your facility and property management costs.

Wants instant notification and immediate access to service requests
Landport provides instant service request notification and a secure, at-a-glance overview of service requests from anywhere, anytime.

Needs to get a better handle on Preventive Maintenance.
Landport is specifically designed to handle all recurring and Preventive Maintenance work orders and checklists.  Once they’re set up, they trigger exactly when you want them to.

Wants to access facility reports and measure operational efficiency.
They’re right at your fingertips.  You can measure and analyze just about any aspect of your property or facility management operations.

  • Streamline service requests
  • Reduce the time needed to
    administer requests
  • Automatically organize and record
    all activities
  • Procure and review competitive
    bids online
  • Enhance communication between tenants, employees, residents, owners and service vendors