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borelli   “As a market leader, Borelli is pleased to be the first property management firm in Silicon Valley to offer on-line management services directly to clients.  The improved communication facilitated by Landport helps Borelli to dramatically improve the services we provide.”
–- Borelli Investment Company, San Jose, CA
hayward unified school district   “The streamlined communication Landport facilitates between district employees, managers and our maintenance shops significantly reduces costs and improves service.”
–- Hayward Unified School District, CA
university of california   “The exceptional automation Landport delivers enables us to fulfill one of our most important facilities mandates: ‘Higher efficiency at lower cost’.  Landport clearly compliments our facilities quality control efforts and new, web-based space inventory program”
–- University of California, Office of the President, Oakland, CA
red-roc   “Just a quick note to let you know that last year I ran my company from Hong Kong, thanks to Landport.  This year I’m running my company from Istanbul, Turkey, again thanks to Landport”
–- Red-Roc, Inc. Portland, OR
suntrust   “We chose Landport because it provided all the bells and whistles…  We now have an integrated service management system incorporating wireless PDAs, which instantly tracks, distributes, records and informs all involved parties of the exact status of the progress of all service requests at SunTrust Plaza”
–- SunTrust Plaza, Atlanta, GA
trigate   “While managing over 23 buildings and nearly 130 tenants, we certainly needed a tool to streamline our maintenance service.  Landport works great with our in-house maintenance staff as well as outside vendors”
–- TriGate, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA